We invite you to Hotel Draga Maria to discover the rustic charm, refined hospitality and, last but not least, the relaxing nature of Predeal. Our hotel is located 3km away from the city center, so you can enjoy some of the best things Predeal has to offer (like ski slopes, Carpathian hiking trails, monestaries & others) without being too bothered by all the traffic noise.

Touristic attractions

Places to see in Predeal

1Predeal annually attracts over 150,000 visitors, making it one of the most important tourist destinations in Romania. Located at an altitude of 1060 meters, the highest in the country, Predeal platform is positioned between Bucegi and Postăvarul. The average annual temperature in this area is -5ºC in the winter and around 14ºC in the summer. Snow storms are rare in these places, but the snow cover can reach a thickness of up to several metres, making Predeal a nice destination for winter sport enthusiasts. Below are our recommendations for some of the most interesting places and events you can check out in Predeal.


2Clăbucet Complex contains 5 ski slopes, each with a certain degree of difficulty and almost all of them equipped with snow making machines – as mentioned in the table. Cable transportation is available for all slopes. For beginners, we recommend the Clabucet ski slope (equipped with lighting system for night-time skiing), with Subteleferic being an excellent alternative for tourists with more experience.


The route Predeal – Clăbucet – Cabana Gârbova – 3Azuga is often chosen by trekking lovers. The road begins at Cabana Clăbucet, then you climb on foot or by ski lift to Clăbucet Sosire, after which you head down south to Cabana Gârbova and go north towards Clăbucetul Taurului, continuing until you reach the top (1,586 meters). From Clăbucetul Taurului you climb to Poiana Mare. After that you start to descend to Azuga, reaching the national highway in the northern end of town.

Another recommended route is Predeal – Gâlma Mare – Valea Râșnoavei Valley – Vf. Fitifoiu – Predeal. The route begins from Valea Joiței, Predeal, and than goes towards the forest, on a forest road that starts from Valea Râşnoavei. Then you climb to Gâlma Mare (1272 meters) and continue to Valea Râşnoavei until you pass the nursing home. After two more stops (to Stâna Mare River and Fitifoi Peak), the journey ends at Trei Brazi Chalet.

The third and final route we propose to you is Predeal – Cioplea – Susai. This trail is easily accessible all year round. It starts from Cioplea, from the woods, and descends in Poiana Poliștoaca. After that, you take the forest road to Susai. Be careful though, as the road is not properly marked.


The Predeal – Brașov – Bușten area is well known not only in Romania, but in the entire Europe for it’s beautiful castles. We especially recommend you to visit the Bran, Peles and Cantacuzino castles.

5Bran Castle is situated near the city of Brașov. Built more than 700 years ago as a fortress and turned in a castle by Queen Mary in 1932, Bran became a worldwide attraction because of its ties with Count Dracula — It is said to have been his residence. Bran Castle annually attracts nearly half a million tourist and was recently rated by Forbes as the second most expensive building in the world (it’s worth 140 million dollars).

8Peleș Castle is a palace located in Sinaia. Build between 1873 and 1914 as a summer residence for the kings of Romania, today the castle is in fact a museum. Due to it’s historical and architectural value, Peleș Castle is one of the most important monuments in Romania as well as the entire Eastern Europe. Recently an extensive tour (which includes both the first floor and attics I and II) has been opened for tourists.


The Cantacuzino Castle was built in 1991 by Prince George Grigore Cantacuzino. The castle is a relatively new addition in the Romanian touristic circuit. Recently, the castle was purchased by a group of shareholders who have expressed a desire to reinvent the monument and to make it available for visiting. A nice terrace has been built in the castle’s front lawn, where tourists can enjoy a coffee in the splendid surroundings.


9For religious people or simply for those who want to visit a cult location, with antique ornaments and old mural paintings, we recommend you Predeal Monastery (built in 1774), or other similar placed located in Valea Prahovei, such as Caraiman, Sinaia and Schitul Sfânta Ana. Those willing to travel an extra 30 kilometers away from Predeal should not pass on the opportunity to visit Biserica Neagră from Brașov, perhaps the country’s most important monument belonging to the Gothic architecture.


Râșnov Citadel Rasnov citadel is positioned on the limestone hill located south of Brasov, and it is one of the best preserved fortified ensembles. The oldest structures preserved until today date from the XIV century. Because the fortress is surrounded by forest, the only access is from the east.



Piața Sfatului was in the Middle Ages the place where various fairs were organized in Brasov. It is probably one the most famous destinations in Brasov, and until recently the place where Cerbul de Aur music festival was held annualy. Today, Piața Sfatului hosts cultural and artistic events. The tourists have free access to wireless Internet all over the market.